Dr. Freelance’s Guide to The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid →

Dr. Freelance (Jake Poinier) writes on his blog announcing the book release:

I won’t repeat the details about the guide here, but rather wanted to take a moment to discuss why I wrote it: Freelance pricing isn’t just a matter of slapping a price tag on your creative services and hoping that it all works out because you’re a great writer, editor, or designer. Anybody can pull a number off one of the publicly available freelance rate sheets—but the key is whether that rate works for that particular client and project, and most importantly, whether it works for *your* freelance business. You need to have a strategic approach to every aspect of the process, from estimating, negotiating, and invoicing all the way to managing client perceptions and behaviors. It’s what I call “monetizing your freelance brain,” and the guide lays out a logical, simple, and effective route to accomplishing that.

I’ve read through the introduction and parts of various chapters. I’ll be purchasing my own copy soon. You can preview it yourself on Amazon here.