Fixing a Business Relationship With a $30 Cake

Resolving a billing dispute with big companies can take some creativity. Robert Kaye, of the MetaBrainz Foundation (operator of MusicBrainz), shares his breakthrough, and the adventure that went along with it, as he worked to get a three year old (!) outstanding invoice taken care of by

For the last 6 months I’ve stepped up my pestering to get this resolved. I’ve been assured progress for the past 6 months, but nothing has happened. Promises of progress, then nothing. Again and again. I finally had an idea how to make change happen: Send Amazon an anniversary cake and post a picture of it publicly!

I even told my Amazon contacts about this idea, but it didn’t really catalyze anything. Then I finally set a deadline of Dec 2nd. The deadline came and went with more unfulfilled promises, so on December 2nd I picked up the phone and ordered a cake.