Google Replacing AT&T at Starbucks

I missed this when it was first announced. 10x the speed. Sorely needed too. (Sitting at a Starbucks now and still AT&T connectivity, incidentally.)

Circa News reporting (dates mentioned are for 2013 so this is an already in progress upgrade at this point):

Beginning in August, Google will become the official Wi-Fi provider of all company-operated Starbucks stores in the U.S. (More than 7,000 such stores exist.) AT&T had been Starbucks’ official Wi-Fi provider since 2008. Google and Starbucks announced the partnership on July 31. Commercial Internet Service Provider Level 3 Communications will help Google upgrade the stores’ connections. Google says it will take as many as 18 months to upgrade all 7,000+ Starbucks stores. Once upgraded, the stores’ Wi-Fi connections will be about 10 times as fast as the older AT&T-provided ones.