OpenDNS Eliminates Ads

The OpenDNS Blog
May 29, 2014

David Ulevitch writes:

We’ve always tried to put user experience first, even when that gets in the way of making more money. Browsers have changed, we’ve become a security company, and we’ve shifted our business to rely on paying security customers, so we’re turning off the ads in our free DNS service to make that service even better.

This is good news. I’ve been a fan of OpenDNS use by families, in schools/non-profits, public places such as coffeehouses, and in businesses. These are all places where it is often desirable to have a bit more control over what folks are using the Internet for while on-site. (If you’re not familiar with OpenDNS, they provide a very simple way to filter Internet access, without requiring new hardware or new software, both for content restricting – i.e. adult web sites – or security purposes.)

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