The New Outsourcing

Steve Shah with a commentary piece in InformationWeek entitled DevOps: The New Outsourcing:

As IT shifts from nuts-and-bolts maintenance and manual processes to virtualization, automation, and IT-as-a-service, different skills are moving to the forefront. Yes, work is being brought back in-house, but it’s coming back in a different form, and different people will be doing it.
We no longer need to carry dozens of people just to keep servers running, make changes, or understand what’s happening in the network. Instead, we need just a few people with a higher-level understanding of business needs and the insight to convert ideas into automation scripts.
“DevOps Ninja” is quickly becoming a cliché, but there’s some truth behind it. This is one more reason CIOs should love DevOps. Instead of increasing headcount to get more done, you just change the kind of people you’re hiring — and you can hire far fewer of them.

If you don’t think this is real, you are likely inside an organizational bubble.

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