Professional Loneliness →

Mathew Mengel, writing over at, talks about professional loneliness:

Part of this is my own nature.  Despite working in the industry for nearly twenty years, I question my own abilities all the time.  An innate lack of self-confidence or self-esteem, perhaps.  But the larger issue is in being the only network guy around, and I suspect some of you who work in teams where you are the at top of the tree may experience this too.  For all the interaction online, in forums, on Twitter and so on, what I really wanted yesterday was someone to look over my shoulder at my attempt at implementing an unfamiliar technology.  Someone who could read the config, and understand it.  Who can take a look at the show commands on the router and see if I’ve missed anything.  Something more than you can get from posting a scrubbed config on the Cisco support forums or a quick email to the friendly SE.

I think most people experience this from time to time. ((some more than others, depending on their colleagues, disposition, organization, and specific line of work.))

This could have been written by me …or most of the technologists (and technology managers, and CIOs, and so on) I work with. The comments on Mathew’s post would seem to confirm this.