Workers Who Freelance Must Become Businesspeople; And More Workers Must Become Freelancers

Shane Snow of Contently, a collective of freelance journalists available for hire by the world’s biggest brands, writes on his LinkedIn post entitled Half Of Us May Soon Be Freelancers: 6 Compelling Reasons Why:

The cost savings and flexibility of a non-salaried workforce often make business sense, but the model requires the workers to suddenly become businesspeople. We wanted to help our writer and editor friends continue doing what they were good at, without having to deal with the stress of finding work, getting paid on time, and marketing themselves on their own. And we were not the only ones who saw the wave coming. Communities for designers and other creative talent have helped these freelancers make it on their own for several years now.

And where it’s clear that the majority of creative people will be freelance before long, all signs point to other jobs one day following suit. This will mean huge things for the domestic and global economy, and it will give an enormous number of people increased flexibility, responsibility, and stress.

You might soon be one of them, a hired gun.

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